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Haunted houses

Starting a company is like being in a haunted house with those characters following you around with big knives…


a. It looks scary at first. But I’m still somewhat intrigued by what’s inside.

b. The best ones have a huge line of people wanting to go in. [nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd, right?]

c. And they come out with smiles on their faces, even though somehow they were scared to death going through it.

Despite all that, and knowing I’d likely freak out in the dark not knowing who or what is around the corner, [sometimes even wishing to get out as fast as I can], I can’t stop thinking “Nobody’s gonna kill me in there, and it is pretty dark , so who’ll know if I poop my pants a few times?” – so I keep moving forward.

Onward and upward, always.



Dry hair optional


That’s me. wet as a rat after my early morning swim sesh, eye sockets looking crazed because I squeezed them into goggles when they were barely open after a restless night of quasi-sleep.

why do i look like i just opened my fav present on christmas?  because I had just finalized a great deal with a fabulous new partner. I don’t get many “W’s” in the win column in that regard, at least at this level, so i always find time to celebrate.

like most days though, celebration usually lasts as long as it takes for the camera to catch the moment, and then i was prepping a coach for her live fb interview, while i shot off tweets to the universe about her impending Chat-fest.  


She completely kicked ass by the way.  some people just know how to serve other people in a way that makes their hearts sing….and she’s one of those.

i hung up from that sesh, grabbed my goods, and sped off to a luncheon where not enough food was served for my ragin belly. rarely is. this morning was bad since i barely ate anything between my workout and  my monster-non-stop-calls + marketiing+article writing+website updates+ fb interview sesh. so i was ravenous.

no matter. it was a great meeting….but i had to jump into the MINI woo and turbo boost it up to Carlsbad to meet with another cool chick who was changing the world in another awesome way… working for one of the top sports marketing agencies in the world and representing some of the toughest, best athletes in action sports.

and i was running on fumes. well, the poor MINI was being asked to run on little carbs…she needed fuel — and bad.


she hung in there and after my meeting, it was back on the freeway, ear budz in, and phone calls being returned.

tonight – emails await, a financial model that needs rework for a future call with potential investors, and sales tax reporting is due… in six days.

and i’m running on fumes.

onward and upward, always!

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