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what happens when the ladies get together

Courtesy of BusinessInsider.com

As the media continues to produce stories on finding the women operating in tech companies, whether it be health related, internet or otherwise, the ladies continue to do what they do well, quietly move behind the noise and [in the words of a wise friend] make AWESOME happen.

Nobody’s told these women there isn’t enough of them out there in the tech space. And for that matter, that’s not the reason they’re building companies in that area anyway.

I’m not sure if I’m yet on a first-name basis with Sheryl and Marissa, but I’m going to go out there and say anyway that my sisters-of-anotha-motha are doing just what I expected they would ….  having a chat and making AWESOME happen.

There’s been plenty of judging going on about Yahoo!’s future, and Marissa’s role in it.  And that’s good. It happens whether a man takes the helm, or a woman. (‘Course when a man is expecting his first child, does the media write about it as if it were a miracle the human race has never witnessed?)

If there’s one thing these two do well is role model for the rest of us.  And in this case, I am stoked to see two of the most influential women in technology doing just what we need more of:

Forming an alliance and figuring out how, together, their companies can make awesome shit happen.  And oh — Everyone Benefits. Consumers. Yahoo!. Facebook. Employees.

Go on ladies — get on with your bad selves.  More meetings, please.

Onward and upward, always.


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