Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

painting the car while you drive it

In this Fortune interview with authors W. Isaacson and J. Huey (who wrote biographies on Steve Jobs and Sam Walton of Wal-Mart, respectively)


Courtesy of CNNMoney.com

John Huey shares one of his fav stories of his time spent with Walton.  It just happened to be at his bedside in the hospital shortly before he passed away.

What I loved about it is Walton’s true heart as an entrepreneur.

A moment spent worrying about how you’re going to actually DO something is a moment spent NOT doing it.


He [Sam Walton] was dying, and his family had gone out for the day to go shopping and left me there. He says, “John, I want to get out of here,” and he starts pulling the tubes out of his arm. I said, “We can’t leave.” And he said, “I’m going. Are you going with me?” And he picks up the phone and he calls the Bentonville airport — his airport — and he says, “Send a plane down here. I’m going to be there in 45 minutes.” And I have to pull him out of the bed. I roll him out, down into the lobby. He’s a shrunken little old guy, and he gets down to the lobby and says, “How are we going to get to the airport?”
I said, “Yeah, you didn’t think of that, did you?”


Entrepeneurs — the crazy folk who say they’re going to make shit happen, but worry about how they’ll do it as they’re doing it.

Onward and upward, always.


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