Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

Rockin it.


I’m asked a lot about how I’ve done what i’ve done with my wee start-up.  I was asked where’s my team, the peeps who are the technologists, the community builders, the designers.  Investors in particular LOVE this question.  As if buying a team isn’t the right answer. You have to come with a co-team to prove value.  phft.

I said i didn’t have any of those people.

I said I just started.  And kept iterating. And executing some more.  And then some more.  Would it have been better if I spent time looking for a co-founder(s) instead of actually just DOING it, building it, starting it?  Seems in some circles, the answer is yes.

What I was, and am, surrounded by is an amazing community of people who have come in to volunteer their time, to give me their smarts, to cough up their own money, and to donate vasts amount of energy to help me build every, little brick of this brick-less beast.

When i get up at 3:00 am, or go to sleep at 2:00 am, because all i can think about is what i haven’t done, what must be done, who must be contacted…. it’s because i’m worried about not being able to do the impossible.

The to-do list is scary, long and mostly made up of things i have no idea how to do, how to solve, or who to talk to about solving.

Then I look back a year, a month, a day — an hour even — and say how did i do the impossible?

For anyone who has finished a marathon, gotten up out of wheelchair when someone told them they would never walk again, completed a triathlon, or had an idea that blossomed into a business that they built to impact people’s lives around the world, you are totally pickin up what i’m thrown down here.

I just wonder why fear, vs confidence, still overtakes me when i look to the future (whether that’s making it to next Tuesday or next year) and gets me out of bed at 3:00 in the morning…..

Is it because i still haven’t paid myself?  Pretty soon it’s not going to be okay to be in permanent ‘deferment’ mode on my now-very-old student loans.

hmm, nah. it’s not that.

Onward and upward. Always.


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