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being in the peloton

Sunday ride


This past Sunday ride was a ‘reunion’ of sorts. The peeps who have done the ride from San Fran to San Diego for the Challenged Athletes Foundation’s “Multi Million Dollar Challenge” get together and do some long, re-union rides…at least until the ‘hard’ training starts in June.  It’s not often i’m cycling with a group of 30+ peeps, and i often forget the sheer joy, and sometimes ease, of being with such a large group.  – by ease, i mean pedaling along at 23 mph and feeling like you haven’t put your bike into its big chain ring yet.

It got me thinking, especially as I saw a few local challenged athletes ride by me…..

(Below are two photos of two of those athletes; handcyclist and multiIronman David Lee and the blind athlete here riding by with his ‘guide’)

and David one of the multiple times he whizzed by the group, until we caught him at the SAG station for PB& J’s….

David, all smiles.


My thinking?  Like cycling, business entrepreneurship is not a soloist effort.  Even the best cyclists in the world, the best triathletes in the world, train with teams. Cyclists in major tours race most of the race in large pelotons, or groups of cyclists, and even as they sprint and race up ridiculous grades, they try to do so together.

We get stronger with the support of others. A business, even if founded by one founder, is not a solo effort. It’s success depends on others’ expertise and strengths. It’s a world of magnitude harder to go at it alone…which is why I’m looking for a peloton to help me. [if you’re someone in search of a great idea, and a co-founder, i’m your girl]


onward and upward, always.


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