Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

Ducks and moods

It’s raining in So Cal.  Naturally, the ducks are out.

There I sat. In the MINI, in a parking lot, looking at 4 ducks holding up lines of traffic.  People who couldn’t wait to get to their favorite french restaurant, or drug store, wired cafe — or parking spot.

In a whir of morning activity, this moment slowed my world. It had to. I watched as three girls opposite me, on the other side of traffic, smiled and giggled, but didn’t dare move their car.  So what did the guy in front me do?

He inched forward. Stuck his hands out of the window, and clapped a little. And the 3 ducks and little duckling, crossed the road.

In San Diego, parking lots in strip malls have ponds.  Big ones. In my part of town, they’re basically the Trump Towers of ponds and if you’re a lucky duck, well, your stylin. No telling what the rates are in these watery palaces…

After the crossing, everyone got about their business of looking for a parking spot. But I for one, drove out with a big smile and good hearty giggle….

It’s still the little things.


Onward and upward, always.


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