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midlife crisis

just reading the invitation made me laugh.  till my stomach hurt.

it was our friend’s 50th bday and with his flavorful, gut-busting invitation in our inbox, I had a lingering sense of gratitude that grew and climaxed during the event itself last evening.

this man is a gift to us, to many really.  he’s kind, generous, comfortable in his own skin (even if it’s dressed in the most racy red-dress outfit that would make Lady Gaga jealous), wonderfully witty, and shares his wealth, humor and love of life with those of us lucky enough to be in his circle.  plus, he’s the only person i know that can make me laugh my arse off while trying to run a P.R. in any distance running race.

which is why i remained smiling almost the entire evening of his mid-life birthday celebration.  as i donned the ‘outfit’ deemed necessary for entry into the event, I smiled thinking, how many people would I stuff my wrapped and swollen sprained ankle into a  knee-high, 4″ inch heel suede boot for?

the biggest crisis of this man’s life?  Deciding what to wear for this party, i’m sure.

here’s a bit of a slide show for how he celebrated.




Upstairs in the "Champagne Suite"


The real James. James Bond.


Birthday man with some fans



The devil is in the details.

Outside, overlooking all of downtown SD.





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