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a ticking clock


think of someone you love.

really love.

now, sit with their image in your mind, and play an old movie reel of your history together.

if you had a year left to be with them, what would the movie reel look like?

Go make it happen.

Just start. Don’t be paralyzed by what if’s, grand gestures, or good ideas.

Just. Go. Make. It. Happen.




Rockin it.


I’m asked a lot about how I’ve done what i’ve done with my wee start-up.  I was asked where’s my team, the peeps who are the technologists, the community builders, the designers.  Investors in particular LOVE this question.  As if buying a team isn’t the right answer. You have to come with a co-team to prove value.  phft.

I said i didn’t have any of those people.

I said I just started.  And kept iterating. And executing some more.  And then some more.  Would it have been better if I spent time looking for a co-founder(s) instead of actually just DOING it, building it, starting it?  Seems in some circles, the answer is yes.

What I was, and am, surrounded by is an amazing community of people who have come in to volunteer their time, to give me their smarts, to cough up their own money, and to donate vasts amount of energy to help me build every, little brick of this brick-less beast.

When i get up at 3:00 am, or go to sleep at 2:00 am, because all i can think about is what i haven’t done, what must be done, who must be contacted…. it’s because i’m worried about not being able to do the impossible.

The to-do list is scary, long and mostly made up of things i have no idea how to do, how to solve, or who to talk to about solving.

Then I look back a year, a month, a day — an hour even — and say how did i do the impossible?

For anyone who has finished a marathon, gotten up out of wheelchair when someone told them they would never walk again, completed a triathlon, or had an idea that blossomed into a business that they built to impact people’s lives around the world, you are totally pickin up what i’m thrown down here.

I just wonder why fear, vs confidence, still overtakes me when i look to the future (whether that’s making it to next Tuesday or next year) and gets me out of bed at 3:00 in the morning…..

Is it because i still haven’t paid myself?  Pretty soon it’s not going to be okay to be in permanent ‘deferment’ mode on my now-very-old student loans.

hmm, nah. it’s not that.

Onward and upward. Always.

Painting like Picasso

This is what happens when you mix wine with painting.  M-A-G-I-C.

My girlfriend surprised me with a delicious gift of the Paintingvineyard. Give a girl 4 blobs of paint on a plate, a few random brushes, and a blank canvas — throw in a few bottles of wine — and call me PICASSO!

Cheers to girlfriends who know what to do, when to do it, and how.

I have a friend in Florida who once said she wished her girlfriends had penises for that very reason.

being in the peloton

Sunday ride


This past Sunday ride was a ‘reunion’ of sorts. The peeps who have done the ride from San Fran to San Diego for the Challenged Athletes Foundation’s “Multi Million Dollar Challenge” get together and do some long, re-union rides…at least until the ‘hard’ training starts in June.  It’s not often i’m cycling with a group of 30+ peeps, and i often forget the sheer joy, and sometimes ease, of being with such a large group.  – by ease, i mean pedaling along at 23 mph and feeling like you haven’t put your bike into its big chain ring yet.

It got me thinking, especially as I saw a few local challenged athletes ride by me…..

(Below are two photos of two of those athletes; handcyclist and multiIronman David Lee and the blind athlete here riding by with his ‘guide’)

and David one of the multiple times he whizzed by the group, until we caught him at the SAG station for PB& J’s….

David, all smiles.


My thinking?  Like cycling, business entrepreneurship is not a soloist effort.  Even the best cyclists in the world, the best triathletes in the world, train with teams. Cyclists in major tours race most of the race in large pelotons, or groups of cyclists, and even as they sprint and race up ridiculous grades, they try to do so together.

We get stronger with the support of others. A business, even if founded by one founder, is not a solo effort. It’s success depends on others’ expertise and strengths. It’s a world of magnitude harder to go at it alone…which is why I’m looking for a peloton to help me. [if you’re someone in search of a great idea, and a co-founder, i’m your girl]


onward and upward, always.

Ducks and moods

It’s raining in So Cal.  Naturally, the ducks are out.

There I sat. In the MINI, in a parking lot, looking at 4 ducks holding up lines of traffic.  People who couldn’t wait to get to their favorite french restaurant, or drug store, wired cafe — or parking spot.

In a whir of morning activity, this moment slowed my world. It had to. I watched as three girls opposite me, on the other side of traffic, smiled and giggled, but didn’t dare move their car.  So what did the guy in front me do?

He inched forward. Stuck his hands out of the window, and clapped a little. And the 3 ducks and little duckling, crossed the road.

In San Diego, parking lots in strip malls have ponds.  Big ones. In my part of town, they’re basically the Trump Towers of ponds and if you’re a lucky duck, well, your stylin. No telling what the rates are in these watery palaces…

After the crossing, everyone got about their business of looking for a parking spot. But I for one, drove out with a big smile and good hearty giggle….

It’s still the little things.


Onward and upward, always.


I endured yet another rather unpleasant skin operation yesterday. it wasnt pretty. i normally like my toes curling under for an entirely different reason than the one the doc gave me.

This event was yet one more walk in the valley of a roller-coaster ride I’ve been on for more years than i care to share.

A[nother] lost connection and financial opportunity for my start-up, a series of emotionally jarring family setbacks, my frequent injuries and subsequent trips to the doctor, all have added up to a rather suboptimal series of events (and subsequent mindset) over the last few weeks.

In other words, things have to get better.  And I can’t wait to see the view from outside this damn valley.

The thing is, even when depression is knockin on my door, the little things have a way of making a significant mark on my way of thinking. Like when I was leaving the rather unpleasant outpatient procedure I experienced, and the nurse was taking my blood pressure.  What is normally a pretty mundane exercise turned my frown upside down (if even for a small second).

Why? Well, the machine was beeping wildly at one point, and both nurses turned to it, recalibrated the machine, and took my b.p. again. This happened twice.

If I wasn’t still so out of it, I probably would’ve gotten upset, but instead I just sat there – looked at the nurse with a quizzical expression, to which she replied “Oh the machine just reacts when one of the numbers its reading seems wrong.”.  [Now I started to get a bit worried].  She continued, “Your heart rate reads 49, so that seemed abnormal”.

I received a short explanation about why my heart rate was likely that low, and then I just got up, smiled and left.

This week is going to be great. The view is already better.

Onward and upward, always.


midlife crisis

just reading the invitation made me laugh.  till my stomach hurt.

it was our friend’s 50th bday and with his flavorful, gut-busting invitation in our inbox, I had a lingering sense of gratitude that grew and climaxed during the event itself last evening.

this man is a gift to us, to many really.  he’s kind, generous, comfortable in his own skin (even if it’s dressed in the most racy red-dress outfit that would make Lady Gaga jealous), wonderfully witty, and shares his wealth, humor and love of life with those of us lucky enough to be in his circle.  plus, he’s the only person i know that can make me laugh my arse off while trying to run a P.R. in any distance running race.

which is why i remained smiling almost the entire evening of his mid-life birthday celebration.  as i donned the ‘outfit’ deemed necessary for entry into the event, I smiled thinking, how many people would I stuff my wrapped and swollen sprained ankle into a  knee-high, 4″ inch heel suede boot for?

the biggest crisis of this man’s life?  Deciding what to wear for this party, i’m sure.

here’s a bit of a slide show for how he celebrated.




Upstairs in the "Champagne Suite"


The real James. James Bond.


Birthday man with some fans



The devil is in the details.

Outside, overlooking all of downtown SD.






when you live somewhere where you can spit and hit 50 incredibly fit, healthy adventurous humans, an empty pool on a saturday afternoon means only one thing:

there’s a major race somewhere.

[congrats to all my budz who raced Cali 70.3 in a super-chazilly-wee-bit-humid southern california day]

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