Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

looking inward

being outside, on a crisp and sunny morning, pedaling up and down hills with a good friend is one of those delectably tasty times in life when i wish i could drink the air and sunshine —  with a straw.  it would be my only form of control. otherwise i fear i’d just gulp it all too quickly.

On a recent ride with said friend, and despite my sore bum, and increasingly waning energy, i kind of wished for more miles, more hills and more time.

we humans are amazingly complex beings.

what i know to be true is, we each hold amazing strength within our core.  sadly, sometimes, our very strengths cannabolize our desires and become our  nemesis. they flip and can quickly become our Achilles’ heels. a very odd circle of events unfolds from this.

if we’re lucky to be aware of this paradox, it introduces a crueler fate. the introduction of internal hypocricy. we are strong, and yet, we may be weak.

and if we care about [or are aware] of this paradox, that is, what we know about ourselves is likely different than what others know (or believe to know) about us, we must find courage to address that and take it head on.

the continuous challenge lies in how we move forward, how we believe in the love and strength of others to help us grow, while still recognizing that we are human. not JUST human. But simply and beautifully – human.

and all this, from a simple bike ride.

onward and upward, always.


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