Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

biting the hand that feeds

as an entrepreneur, i can say with absolute certainty that you need to have the iron stomach of someone who can jump on the loosest and most insane of roller coasters….

….knowing there ain’t no custodian to pull the “STOP” switch.

although stability and the status quo are death wishes of any entrepreneur, sometimes a brief visit by the former – if only for a week or two – allows our sanity and confidence-in-the-toilet to replenish.

The building-of confidence is firmly rooted in skill-building. For which, of course, there is a booming business. In the world of entrepreneurship, it’s called “Incubators” or “founder institutes” or something similar that promises new skills, new fashioned business models and new pitch decks — all designed to effectively carry you on the road to blissful investor pitching resulting in loads of mula to carry out your vision.

this girl took a big ‘ol bite of that apple and has a lesson to share.

I am one of the thousands who have been (and who will) be excited by the prospect of such promises from similar programs. but like applying to get into college, it’s an exercise in [re]learning just how life always has a harsher lesson for you than you’d like to believe.

Scenario A:

You apply to 5, 6 or 10 colleges.  The number is dependent upon how many you, or your family, can afford these days.   Maybe you have to apply to less because you can’t fork out the hundreds it costs to apply. Whatever the case, you’re already miffed by the process. But oh well. Ce la vie.

Once you go through the arduous and lengthy process of completing the paperwork, the essays, the exams, etc etc, some taking months to do, you breathe a sigh of relief and wait. Sometimes, a very long time.

Then one day you get a letter that apologizes (really? are they really sorry you say.) or “regrets to inform you” that you’re not going to their college in the Fall, but thanks for playing. Oh and don’t bother asking for feedback on your app, cause they receive thousands of apps and they can’t possibly let you know why you weren’t as great as someone else with any truth or sincerity.

Scenario B:

Repeat Scenario A.  Only plug in “Incubator” or “founder institute”  instead of college and you have the same story.

I believe our brains are hard-wired to protect us from bad memories that physically, emotionally or psychologically hurt us.  It’s kind of a bummer – a sort of catch 22 really.

you see it becomes difficult to learn from history if we forget the bad stuff.

but if we’re not protected from it, how do we move on?

anyway, I’ve lived – healthily – through both scenerios above. although, I should add, when recently in conversation with someone, [about scenario B], who said “Get used to it. We’ve been through 10’s of rejections like this”, my decisive response was quick and full of confidence, “It’s not my first rodeo either. But that doesn’t make it right”.

What the heck are you doing to tackle what’s wrong and make it better for those who come after you?

Onward and upward, always.


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