Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

being provocative

i was just speaking at a conference  this week about marketing to women (in multisport) and i had numerous people over the last remaining day of the event tell me how good it was, how decisive my comments were, how knowledgeable i was and how it came across as so ‘refreshingly no nonsense’.

just last night, i gave another flavor of presentation to a group of 200 Founders/entrepreneurs and investors — and the same response came.  “so captivating!” “best one out there, i don’t even know what the other two before you talked about” and then the smathering of gentleman who always hear my company’s 5-minute demo or pitch, and say “my girlfriend (wife, partner, sister, daughter) is a runner (triathlete, swimmer, cyclist) and would I know she’d love to [meet, know] you and be a part of GOTRIbal”.

in both cases, I usually have a primary response:

“What about the presentation was so provocative or captivating?”

in my 20’s i would’ve killed for such validating comments.

Now I just want to know what people are going to DO once they hear something that they deem so ‘captivating’.

How are you doing something different today, this weekend or next week with something that captivated you yesterday, last week or in that one-on-one conversation you just had?

Onward and upward, always.



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