Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

No honey on this spring


Sounds sweet enough.

But not when you’re legs are screaming, you can’t work your water bottle cause you can’t think straight, and all you want to do is beat your body into submission.

There wasn’t a tad of honey springin from that road.

big shout out of thanks to the crew who invited us along today. including my bud Whitney, who has legs of steel and a heart of gold. 

and girl, if you’re reading this, next time, if our ‘warm up’ is going to be 20 mph out to the climbs, i’ll give you my gloves AND jacket. stopping to take that stuff off was the lamest decision i ever made. there is no such thing as “catch up” with the group we rode with today. [unless of course, you’ve got a pair of legs and lungs like you]

Onward.  But no more upward for awhile. i need to rest.



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