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getting suited up

whether you put on a 3-piece suit and are prepping to deliver your first report to the Board, or you don lycra and rubber before heading into the wild abyss for a long athletic journey, there are a certain number of butterflies fluttering about causing you some angst.

this morning i am heading out for another suffer fest.  these saturday morning rides have become all too common for me lately. and that’s the point of this post.

i’m all a-flutter.

donned in my cycling gear, at 6:30 am I found a moment of peace in the fray. i was nervous again, and i finally took the time out to ask myself why.

and my mind flashed to the people i meet for these rides.  World Champion. Age Group Winners. My title? “Anyone hungry?”

These men and women, besides their stellar strength and amazing talent to climb and destroy any hill in their path, are also just simply happy people.  They are hysterically funny. They care. They love their lifestyle.

And one of them reminded me last night, in her goodbye toast to me, to “Have fun – enjoy friends!”.

That’s what quelled the butterflies this morning. Because, by my history, i’m trained to think anytime I don a suit — wetsuit, swimsuit, cycling suit (okay, they’re not called that, but….) — I also go into ‘competition’ mode. And the butterflies awaken.

It’s a new day to suffer.  I can’t wait.

What or who has changed your perspective lately?

Onward and upward, always.


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One thought on “getting suited up

  1. Hanging out with my girlfriends last night,laughing until we were crying and( then having to go to the bathroom)Yes, us 50 year olds were feeling like we were 10 again and loving it.It definitely put everything back in perspective. Girlfriends Rock……

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