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Just say no, maybe.

I’m on the verge of another hell-acious suffer fest ride. But this one will be accompanied by happy birthday yodling peeps. Tomorrow is my hubalicious’s birthday, and the joke is bound to be on the rest of our roast-the-old-guy crew. (well except for my coach, Les Paterson, who will not only be lapping us, but doing it with a heart rate that is holding steady at 140 bpm while she grinds in her biggest gears)  you see, my hub will be riding this mountainous ride on his archaic mtn bike — sure, with slicks on — and he’ll still be puttin’ a hurtin on us.

but this post isn’t about that.  it’s about what you do when you’re deemed “extra healthy” by your doc, and yet, you (the patient) want to set a benchmark of what “extra healthy” looks like. So that when you’re not, you know what it used to look like.  So this post is yet another proclamation about my impatience with the status quo.

can we agree the healthcare system is broken? (don’t worry, this isn’t a 60,000 page manual on how to fix it)

When a patient (me) knows there are physiological changes going on, but none really ‘medically’ problematic, I search for understanding. Ever interested in data, I go to where I can gather that data. In this case, it’s a blood panel. Suck out my blood, and test everything. Let’s get a baseline shall we?

Well, not according to my doc – Dr. Kim.  “It’s not medically necessary”. (is this her talking, or the insurance company?) I learn after a rather uncomfortable conversation that:

a. I have a doc that is rather disgusted by naturopathic or homeopathic methodologies.
b. Openly shows disdain for said professions
c. Will not willingly (i.e. without out of pocket payment) look beyond the ‘traditional’ things swimming in my blood that might indicate why such changes I’ve noticed are occurring.

Why was this even an uncomfortable conversation? Why did I feel powerless? When did having an educational conversation with your doc turn into a contentious discussion about the “wayward” professionals guiding your thinking about YOUR health?  I’ve had an enormous, and unwelcome, amount of exposure to doctors and their practices in the last six years of my life. I wonder why I’m so disappointed NOW.

I’m getting ready to say NO to my doc and bid her adieu. Maybe. I’m a girl who gives people a chance. So I’m going back for a second blood panel, per her request, to double check on a few ‘traditional’ things from my first one. I can’t say I have too much hope for her though.

How am I going to dump my doc?

Again, the status quo rattles my cage.





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One thought on “Just say no, maybe.

  1. I so hear ya sista! Tell your doc “Sayonara, I am going to find another who LISTENS to me… the person who knows MY body the best!” I know of many who have to make their symptoms sound way worse just to get what they need. Try asking your friends about their docs… I think that satisfaction with a doc passed by word-of-mouth is worth a lot 🙂 Good Luck!

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