Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one


When you’re starting a company from zip, the number of potholes in the road outnumber the smooth asphalt by 10:1.  sometimes it just looks like a game of Twister out there, and instead of a car, motocycle or bicycle, you really just need to be like the frog in Frogger. 

and that’s the happs today.

Jumping over one pothole and hoping i don’t fall into another one. Sometimes the damn things look to be covered with newly laid asphalt (like a new person in my life who promises intros to interested seed investors). But once the light falls differently you realize it was just black tarp, and then you almost lose a leg as you fall ass-over-teakettle into the darn thing.  yep, i get frustrated –  but then i figure, i’m smarter about identifying black tarp for the next time and how to get around it.

A little skin off the knee and i’m back on the holey road.

i’ve also learned that what makes the hard parts easier is scheduling bits of time where the road has a few welcome detours that say things like “gelato shoppe next right” (or, for those who can’t follow my side-winder way of saying it… “meetings with people who make things happen and support me on my adventurous journey”), and then i’m fueled up again. 

To those who’ve been my ‘gelato shoppe’, thank you.


Onward ho!


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