Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one


Yesterday epitomized my world of founding a company. Good happened (workout). Bad things (client not returning calls).  more bad things (website not working). Really bad things (website still not working, and can’t reach developers).

I transitioned from operational (Must. Fix. Site.) to the strategic (restructure the biz/financial model in preparation for meeting with execs). I was bipolar and schizo all at once.

I thought about documenting it, but honestly didn’t have the seconds it was going to take away from me actually doing work to manage the issues going on.  Come to think of it, I didn’t have the strength to write, is what it really came down to. I was in “do” mode.

my website’s main feature broke (so members couldn’t join), i don’t have developers to fix the problem, and I have limited (read: almost none) tech skill to craft an intermediate “ATTENTION! NOT A GOOD DAY TO JOIN – OUR WEBSITE ISNT WORKING” notice to web visitors.

Now, after letting a recent conversation settle a bit more in my brain, I’m ready to do what was proposed — give life to this roller coaster ride of beginning a company aimed at changing the world for the better. and add in a bit of color wherever i can – photo and video to be exact.

but investing in a ‘cheap’ video camera (uh, hello – i’m a first time founder….without a nice vc backing my every move to grow this puppy) is a no brainer – [read: not gonna happen]. so i’ll be praying to the video gods that my girlfriend’s V.1 Flip works for more than 1.5 minutes at a time….and then i’ll be gracing the world, or at least the three friends who are listening to this, with my-less-than-groomed-experience as I make calls, write newsletters, return online comments, preparing sponsorship documents, and interview pro athletes, amazing authors and cool women from around the world — and a whole slew of other tasks, activities and strategic moves.

so welcome to the journey and the wild adventure …  buckle up.

Onward and upward, always.


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