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feeling like a race car

these days spending 3-5 minutes with your doctor is the norm. if you’re really lucky, your doc looks up at you to issue a diagnosis.

when you’re with surgeons, it starts to feel a bit awkward if the time you spend with them is equal to the time it takes to order a burrito.

 i joked with my Pit Crew of surgeons about feeling like i was in a NASCAR event the other day.  the nurse came in, shot me up with some nice numbing potion (that came out of an instrument that looked like something you’d squeeze caulk out of – and was just as big), and then in streamed the Pit Crew.

All nice enough guys. big smiles. crackin some jokes.

but then all three of them got down to business. lights on. 3 sets of eyeballs hovering around my chest to get to work…(something a girl might normally get giddy about)… and then there was some beeps, more beeps, and smoke… and then they all filed out. 2 minutes later we were done. at least for that round.

Yes. there was smoke. apparently that’s what happens when you cauterize blood vessels.

They each had a specific job, and then scurried quickly out of the room after the smoke cleared (but not before congratulating each other on a job well done). which made me laugh for a second, call them back in and thank “My Pit Crew”.  To which i got a few chuckles, and they were off.

the whole episode was followed by another surgeon, who had to tie up the crater these guys left with his own fancy knot-work. Not quite the Pit Crew type, but thankfully, he ended our engagement rather uneventfully with a smile, handshake and a bottle of vicadin.

it’s too soon to tell if all is well in my little sliver of paradise. but i can say for sure, i’m happy to see surgeons for less than 2 minutes if i can see my general doc for longer than 5. 

No smoking preferred. 




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One thought on “feeling like a race car

  1. Absolutely loved this!!!!!!!!!

    Love you,
    lil sista

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