Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

what’s the difference?

Over time, a word that once generated curiosity, conversation and maybe even excitement, grows tired, over-used and less powerful.

The word awesome, the phrase leadership development, and paradigm shift’are words and phrases that, in their movement from scarcity to commodity, have lost their value to the listener.  In some cases evoking snores, side-ways sneers and endless comedic material.

In our socially-technofied world, brands look more and more for ways to ‘engage’ or create an ‘experience’ for their audiences. Harkening back to a day when people got together to socialize and create memories, perhaps.

Conventions, blogger summits, races, international tours, you name it, everyone is calling their event an experience. 

But aren’t those events?

Trade show and conference producers, race organizers and tour guides; you’re not under attack here. The question is, how are your events distinguished from experiences? And how do you guarantee we know the difference?



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