Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

Being the exception to the rule


I’m a big fan of Seth. I can call him by his first name because I don’t know him, and he’s not likely ever to know me.  So Mr. Godin, or Seth Godin, seems a bit much.

I completely dig his short, sweet and oftentimes, provocative posts.

Today he wrote a post that made me think of… well, my blog.

Mostly, the best way to be the next Mark Zuckerberg is to make difficult choices.

His main point was to explain that it’s easy for us to look at the creator of Facebook and think he is the one magical “freak of nature” for whom the normal rules of nature don’t apply.


Right now there’s another freak working away at something that will make Facebook feel so “’90’s” — and then we’ll all oogle and ahhh and wonder “How lucky she is.”

Chrissie Wellington was that very girl in 2007.  She took her first ironman (140.6 miles of swimming, biking and running in one day) crown and less than 2 months later, won decidely the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii. Nobody even knew her. Media, athletes, you name it. Nobody. She didn’t know anybody either. ‘Course she’s talented. Yes she’s built for this stuff. But she also has made a million difficult choices along her path to winning every single irondistance event she’s ever entered (including 3 World Championships in a row and 4 world records).

Chrissie kickin another record off the books

Chrissie Wellington.  Mark Zuckerberg.  Same, but different.

What 60 second choices are you making on your journey to greatness?



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