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When laughing it off doesn’t work

There are many moments when laughter is the best medicine. Even in the most serious of situations; laying next to a family member who lies motionless in a coma, humor can relieve emotional pain and anguish, if not just for a moment. There are even studies showing the positive, physiological effect laughter has on us in such instances. (I write from experience, and I speak not only for me, but for the family member in the coma who says it was much appreciated)

When it doesn’t work is when you’re visiting with a doc, discussing a cancerous growth [& impending surgical procedure] on your skin.  When the docs mumble a few doctor-speak words to each other and then, after you joke about wanting to be part of the conversation, they laugh, touch you on the shoulder, and then walk, collectively, out of the room with no response, is when laughter has a more deleterious affect.

There’s a time and a place for laughter – the pee in your pants kind, and the courtesy chortle. I’d argue that both are still pretty darn good — if they are shared.

 The funny thing is, people don’t always consider whether their audience, in a coma or not, appreciates the laughter-inducing humor. 

5th grade playgrounds around the world would change forever.


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