Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

“Getting out of your body’s way”

As a young Scottish lass, Lesley Paterson took on rugby with the boys in the morning, and danced with the girls in tutus by the afternoon.

She also raced at the elite level with the British and Scottish triathlon teams, traveling the world and meeting new people while pushing herself to the  limits.

After leaving the sport, and traveling to the US with husband Si Marshall, she talks of how she still sought out ways to fulfill her dual-loves of sport and creativity,

Always having been a creative little thing (I got my BA degree in Drama), I decided to do my Masters degree in Theater”, I flourished under my new found career path and began climbing my next impossible ladder to success: Hollywood.  I started acting in student films and then independent films (so far I have 17 of them under my belt), until I met my now writing-producing partner Ian Stokell. Together we formed our own production company called Sliding Down Rainbows Entertainment Inc., and we have since produced several short films and our first feature film: http://www.interglacialromance.com. More recently we acquired the rights to the WW1 novel All Quiet on the Western Front, and have written an amazing script…”  —

which has since landed a director and a key lead actor.

Her love of sport, and triathlon in particular, has resurfaced and over the last few years of hard work and discipline, she’s moved into the World Championship ranks of Xterra Triathlon and firmly planted herself as one of the best, on or off-road.  This while she coaches a full roster of athletes and manages her production company.

The power of the brain to support, or derail, the body in personal quests of courage, (physical or not), is something we can afford to pay more attention to — in sport or otherwise.  In her and her husband’s words:  

How do you “help train your mind to get out of your body’s way during endurance events?”

What, in your life, is the endurance event?


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