Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

Time to fly

It’s my 11th wedding anniversay today.

surprise plans were made. secrets kept. anticipation built. hair appts scheduled.

then i find out the Se Hotel didn’t have the special SUPER LOVE package i’d reserved weeks ago ready for us.

and, they were happy to help me but I’d have to pay another $150 for that kind of happiness.

more than 60 minutes of sadness and frustration ensued.  and a few ugly words not anywhere in the dictionary. then a nasty Yelp review.

after a short but sweaty workout, food solved the problem for awhile – a delectable mix of rosemary infused cubes of organic yams, red baby potatoes and turnips thrown around with some quinoa. Scrumptious moment of bliss.

hubby tried to make it all better.  and that just backfired.

Then the arrival.  The UPS man.  God bless him.

"Run-on-Marshmallow shoes"

Yep.  I said no to the heels (see Aug 10 post) and yes to the runners. I figure doing 26 miles in these babies will bring me a degree of happiness closer than 26 miles (even if broken up) in those heels.

60 seconds, and just like that, my day has turned. 

Now, I have to fix my grumpo-attitude with the hubby.

Onward and upward.


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One thought on “Time to fly

  1. Can I please have the recipe for rosemary sweet potatoes?!

    Oh – and fun to read your blog!

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