Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

Why does it have to be “either” or “Or”?

It’s one of the most debilitating questions when starting a new eating plan; aka starvation program.

“Should I have the salad or the lava cake?”

It happens for athletes taking on a new schedule in their day:

“It’s either workout at 5:00 am (and go to work dripping wet looking for the food truck) or after (which basically means post-dinner, post-kids homework, post-favorite tv program)?”

Or when we try and decide on purchasing decisions.

These…. ($170 running shoes guaranted to rid you of your  “my-legs-feel-so-tired-syndrome” into “I-feel-like-I-can-run-forever” shoes) 

or these? ($418 worth of “I’ll-walk-all-over-you-then-on-water-too” deliciousness)

Racing marathons, triathlons or any such endurance race used to be an “either” or “or” choice too. You either had to bribe someone to come help you at a race destination because it was in a pitiful or local location and nobody could be awakened at the ridonkulous hour you had to get up to be there, or you schlucked your gear and grub yourself. (You probably got good at upping the ante on the bribes)

Now, it’s getting a teensy bit easier to say, “I’m off to Hawaii for a race in 3 months, anyone want to come with?” and  the “and” part just got easier. (That being:  “And I need some help schlucking my bike to and fro….”)

Here’s a tiny 60 second example of incorporating more “and” into your day.  I’m going to stick to what I love for this — FOOD.

Krispee Treats - with a twist

I threw together this little snackeepoo today. I love chocolate and the sweet-stuff, but realize gobs of it on a regular basis will end my pursuit of good health and happiness (at least my skin/happy-with-my-body happiness). So I used agave and brown rice sugar (instead of brown sugar/white sugar) + a few tossed dark chocolate pieces in this little krispy treat mix. I used fewer tablespoons of peanut butter (and used ‘all natural, organic’ stuff) and added flax seed infested granola with almonds to the mix.

My way of adding “and”. And keeping happiness alive and well.

Onward and upward, always.


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