Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

Patience takes patience

EQ (emotional intelligence) is a topic execs don’t like to talk about, [it’s too ‘soft’, ‘touchy feely’] – as if it were like a fuzzy child’s bear.

You can rebrand it however you want – make it sound sexy or hard – or both.  [and yes, this is getting to sound a bit less like a standard blog post and more like an intro to a poorly written romance novel]

My point?

It is the cornerstone of patience.

I’m a believer in patience being coddled, nurtured – essentially developed – in those of us who have a strenuous relationship with the virtue.

It’s development is one of the main reasons I kept taking on longer racing experiences in triathlon.

But the application of this virtue in the oft-cantakerous relations between PEOPLE when said humans are tired, stressed, hungry, or [fill in more reasons/excuses we use for being mean here], is really where the level of development of this virtue is exposed.

Next time you’re about to be, or ARE, in the middle of something that stretches your patience, i’d challenge you to take 60 seconds (or minutes) ask:

Do I feel like my competence is challenged? My abilities? My focus on organization, planning or….?

Do I feel like my goodwill, good intent is being challenged or undermined?

Do I feel my livelihood is being challenged?

Notice what one word (besides “do” and “I” for all the smart butts out there) reappears in these questions?

Congratulations. You’ve just confirmed we all still DO operate on our reptilian brains — which basically means, we are hard-wired to act first (on emotion) before we do anything rational (our cognitive brain).

Fight or flight baby.

Doesn’t usually have a good result when we’re trying to be patient.

Onward and upward.


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