Taking 60 seconds a day to make it a better one

A woman in Santa Monica was compelled to spend…

A woman in Santa Monica was compelled to spend 365 (non-consecutive) days collecting trash on her beach after visiting it often and noticing how much litter was left behind.  And she’s writing about it here.

Now, being a previous marine biologist, researcher and educator, I’ve admittedly got an incredibly soft, gooey spot in the center of my being for this woman’s plight. I’ve bore first-hand witness to hundreds of pounds of garbage, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean — in the tiny coral atoll known as the French Frigate Shoals – and seen Hawaiian Monk Seals strangle to death by the firm grip of fishing wire.  Yep, this woman’s journey, and her sense of personal responsibility in light of the gargantuan nature of the challenge, got me fired up.

She has taken it upon herself to collect litter for only 20 minutes at a time. And within only 200 feet or so between two life-guard stations.

I love peeps who see opportunity in small chunks. 

Instead of seeing something that was too big to tackle, she’s found a way to make a significant contribution to a world-class issue. (She’s picked up over 800 lbs of trash, in that one small piece of real estate)

My blog, then, is to celebrate in and inspire others to find the opportunity in the small.  Even if it only takes 60 seconds, or 60 minutes, every day.

Welcome to the journey,

Onward and upward, always.



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